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We’re home…

Living in the Tropics; life and leadership lessons explored…

We’re home….

These two little words invoke a feeling that can’t be described with words alone; it’s transcendent. A feeling that you can’t explain but you just know that – it just is….

A year and a half post arriving in Bermuda, Mike and I took a trip back to our roots in Vancouver, B.C.  for a visit with family and friends. Little did we know how this trip would present a life altering perspective shift for both of us.

Hugs, laughter, tears – oh they were a plenty!  Conversations flowed with such ease holding testament to our deeply intrinsic bonds.  Something started to settle deep inside but we didn’t know what that was.

Time to catch the redeye back to Bermuda.  Life finally had a moment to slow down.  A sense of peace, a calm if you will is what was settling in for both of us.  Upon opening the front door to our furnished rental, it hit us both for the first time – we’re home….

Perspective shifts can be life changing.

You may ask yourself…

  • Am I aligned with my values?
  • Am I consciously choosing the life I want to live?
  • Is my current reality fulfilling?

Is it time to change your life movie?  Perspective shifts are real and powerful. Choosing to notice and then using this knowledge as a catalyst to hit that reset button to catapult you to the next level of your leadership – priceless!

What’s next for you?


Purpose – Perseverance – Passion

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