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Designing your “what’s next” magical experience in 2013….

Living in the Tropics; life and leadership lessons explored

Happy New Year Everyone!

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” – Henry David Thoreau

I just love this quote!!!

Two years ago at this time, Mike and I were in the midst of making a life altering decision. Do we stay in Vancouver, B.C. and continue to live the life we have known or do we liquidate and uproot ourselves embracing a whole new culture and lifestyle that we know nothing about? We chose the latter and are embracing the incredible tropical paradise of Bermuda, as home. We learned very quickly that it’s not all sunshine, clear aqua water and palm trees. Life happens with or without those little umbrellas in our drinks. 😉

I’ve come to believe that everything in life has its compromises. Along with the obvious benefits of living and working in the tropics, our new lifestyle has posed a certain amount of discomfort and adversity for both of us to traverse individually and together. Noticing that it’s often in these darker places when we find ourselves sourcing courage and taking risks, challenging self limiting beliefs, failing, being resilient, succeeding and resetting our paths to name a few of the mini journeys.  The Integration Process is re-visited regularly and checking in with Perspectives continue to be a gift.

A new year is upon us presenting an opportunity for a fresh start. Hopes and dreams, goals and objectives, expectations and accountabilities; call it what you want, for me, it presents an endless kaleidoscope of possibilities to create and design a resonant life in full color. Nigel Marsh’s TEDx video “How to make work life balance work” is a great place for getting curious and maybe a bit uncomfortable while setting some intentions for your next magical experience. Check it out here:

“If you don’t design your life, someone else will do it for you.” — Nigel Marsh

December has been an introspective month for many of the clients and coachees I’m aligned with. As we reflected on experiences from the past year, we held a space for exploration. Owning ones journey and lessons learned speaks to being a leader in ones life; it’s where humility lives and in turn raises your level of consciousness as a leader.  Use this energy and time of year as your personal launchpad to design your magical experience of “what’s next.”

Great Leaders Grow Designing your life sound a bit overwhelming? Perhaps starting with the 3 questions posed by Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller in their book “Great Leaders GROW; Becoming a Leader for Life” may resonate:
         –  What will you keep doing?
         –  What will you stop doing?
         –  What will you start doing?

My greatest wish is that we all consciously choose to set the boundaries by which we view success and design and create our personal visions of what a life well lived looks like.

For a more in depth conversation, give me a call or email me and we can talk about designing a lifestyle and leadership coaching relationship that is unique for you. I would love to hear from you.


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Purpose – Perseverance – Passion



Transformation & The Space In Between…

Living in the Tropics; life and leadership lessons explored…

“You have to reject one expression of [the band] first, before you get to the next expression. In between you have nothing, you have to risk it all”    — Bono

Insert ‘your life’ or ‘your company’ for [the band] and it just brings goosebumps doesn’t it? This was such a powerful quote that esteemed filmmaker Davis Guggenheim positioned it twice in the U2 documentary “From the Sky Down.”

Relocating from Vancouver to Bermuda, I found myself in the space between in my search for a clearer picture of this new reality reflective of lifestyle choices. The gift was in slowing down and being present to heart, mind and body intelligence. However painful it felt and was for me; this traversing from one version of self to another, integrating change from the places of humility, gratitude, forgiveness, intuition, creativity and above all else, LOVE — a new map of life became clearer with each new day.

A favorite book that comes to mind is “hope for the flowers” by Trina Paulus. It is a story of hope and the integration process, within the space in between, as Stripe and Yellow journey from being caterpillars to butterflies.

The Integration process is about redrawing your map of life and filling the empty space with new meaning. With all things in life being impermanent, this process requires the need for you to rebuild confidence and develop acceptance and resilience. The secret of resilience is the ability to see a crisis, or space in between as an opportunity for a new beginning. Remember, a new beginning can only happen when the old form disintegrates.

Some questions you may ask when you find yourself exploring the space in between:

  • What have I learned?
  • How will I fill the space with meaning?
  • Who am I being?

Sometimes it’s not about letting go, it’s about letting it be. We can’t force the events in our lives; all we can do is be present to the flow. Even in the darkest hours of life—if we are truly present—joy shines in the depths…

May joy follow and surround you everywhere.


Purpose – Perseverance – Passion

We’re home…

Living in the Tropics; life and leadership lessons explored…

We’re home….

These two little words invoke a feeling that can’t be described with words alone; it’s transcendent. A feeling that you can’t explain but you just know that – it just is….

A year and a half post arriving in Bermuda, Mike and I took a trip back to our roots in Vancouver, B.C.  for a visit with family and friends. Little did we know how this trip would present a life altering perspective shift for both of us.

Hugs, laughter, tears – oh they were a plenty!  Conversations flowed with such ease holding testament to our deeply intrinsic bonds.  Something started to settle deep inside but we didn’t know what that was.

Time to catch the redeye back to Bermuda.  Life finally had a moment to slow down.  A sense of peace, a calm if you will is what was settling in for both of us.  Upon opening the front door to our furnished rental, it hit us both for the first time – we’re home….

Perspective shifts can be life changing.

You may ask yourself…

  • Am I aligned with my values?
  • Am I consciously choosing the life I want to live?
  • Is my current reality fulfilling?

Is it time to change your life movie?  Perspective shifts are real and powerful. Choosing to notice and then using this knowledge as a catalyst to hit that reset button to catapult you to the next level of your leadership – priceless!

What’s next for you?


Purpose – Perseverance – Passion

Fear of the Unknown…

Living in the Tropics; life and leadership lessons explored…


While dressing the other day I had the fright of my life.  Truly, it’s quite funny but at the time, I swear it took my heart rate ten minutes to slow down!! Something as simple as putting a top over my head brought about the most curious circumstances definitely worthy of exploring in more depth.

Some of you may have a sense of what happened and for those of you still wondering a cockroach landed on my head and traversed its way down to the floor.  I went into what can only be described as a crazy dance of hysterics and very loud squeals of terror only to realize the best part of this story – it was a dead one….

Really?  A harmless bug elicited this lively response and behavior?  After spending a good amount of time pondering this event, I’m left querying how fear of the unknown can be oh so powerful in all aspects of our lives.

You may ask yourself….

  • Am I choosing to embrace and live a life of health and well being?
  • Am I aligned with what and how I choose to spend my days at work?
  • Are there any relationships in my life causing unnecessary drama?

What’s holding you back from aligning with your best self?  Fear of the unknown is real and powerful.  Choosing to notice it and then using this knowledge as a catalyst to catapult you to the next level of your leadership – priceless!

What’s next for you?


Purpose – Perseverance – Passion